It’s been more than 10 months since the pilot for “Boise Boys,” an HGTV show starring Fort Worth’s Clint Robertson, aired. But it’s finally going to air as a series.

A brief series — six one-hour episodes — but a series all the same. Robertson and best friend Luke Caldwell will, in the words of a release, “improve Idaho’s capital city with beautiful home transformations.”

Robertson is noteworthy not just for his Fort Worth/Weatherford background, but for being runner-up on the last non-celebrity edition of “The Apprentice” that involved now-President Donald Trump doing the onscreen firing. That was back in 2011.

Many people thought Robertson should’ve won, and he told the Star-Telegram back then that he was almost immediately contacted by corporations “that you would recognize, and a lot that you wouldn’t, [saying] ‘We’d love to talk to you tomorrow. We know you’ve got a lot of offers.’ “

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Robertson and Caldwell are, naturally, a bit of an odd couple: According to the release, Caldwell, a designer, is a “stylistic visionary” and Robertson is a “git ‘er done” licensed contractor. OK, so the release says, “Getter done,” but we’re pretty sure Robertson would use our spelling.

“Their business is booming, but family comes first for Clint, the father of three, and Luke, dad to six,” the release continues. The premiere, airing at 10 p.m. Wednesday, April 25, will show the Boys working on a rundown property in a neighborhood with views of downtown Boise,

“The renovation will be colossal, including repairing the crumbling roof, replacing the lead pipe plumbing and reimagining the outdated exterior,” the release says. (Spoiler alert in next sentence). “When torrential rains throw a wrench into the original design plan, the duo will work together to keep their profit margin afloat as renovation costs rise.”

Robertson has real estate in his Texas background, but then there’s a lot of entrepreneurial stuff in his Texas background. From a 2011 Star-Telegram story:

“Robertson initially studied pre-med at TCU, but about the time he was applying for medical schools, he switched gears and went for an accounting degree because he foresaw difficulties in the healthcare industry and he wanted to be his own boss. His father told him that being a CPA and an attorney was a good combination, so he enrolled in law school at SMU and passed the CPA exam while studying for his law degree. He put his combined background to work in all sorts of ways, trying to start a restaurant, working in a law firm, managing the holdings of Weatherford-based ‘American Country Countdown’ host Bob Kingsley, opening a real-estate office, owning two construction firms.”

After the subprime crisis hit and investors began pulling out, Robertson began to struggle, at one point selling his family home and moving his family into rented properties, where they lived as cheaply as possible. They had moved to Boise shortly before “The Apprentice” opportunity came along, and Robertson has said that he believes that it was part of God’s intervention that he was cast in a season featuring contestants who were struggling in a down economy.

As for Caldwell, he is a professional musician who married his first sweetheart, Miranda, with whom he has two biological and four adopted children.

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