Apartment and Happiness

Finding the right apartment to suit the needs, ethics, personality and budget of a person or a group of people isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. With Boise Apartments you can make sure that all of that is subject to change. Boise Apartments offer dream places in excellent locations at affordable costs where you can base the future months of your life and why not, the rest of your years.


The apartment is suitable for one, two or three people. It contains two newly furnished bedrooms, one bigger than the other. The bigger bedroom is a nice warm room that has a big comfortable bed, a bedside table, a table lamp and a big wardrobe for clothes and other belongings. The window faces the front of the apartment and offers a calming view over the main street, its trees and lawn. The smaller bedroom has only a single bed but it is also provided with a bedside table, a lamp and a wardrobe.

The kitchen has all needed appliances such as a new electrical cooker, a hob, a dishwasher a fridge and freezer. Utensils and accessories such as knives, forks, spoons and pans and pots are provided. There is a small dining table for four and chairs.

The living room is a brilliant spacious room with large windows, one big corner sofa, two other smaller sofas and a table. A TV is provided and also a DVD player and a router. It has a bright wooden floor that does not require any extra carpets; although anything would fit just fine. It is the perfect room to chill out during the evening after a hard day’s work.

There is a utility room next to the bathroom that has a washing machine. The bathroom itself is designed with spotlights for a relaxed ambiance. It has a sink, a mirror, a toilet seat and a tub with built-in shower enclosure and shower. The floor and half of the walls are tiled in a neutral colour.

The whole apartment is very well light from the inside as well as the outside. It is warm during winters due to its radiators in every room and on the hallway. There is extra added to the bill though for more gas consumption.


The rent is very affordable although gas and electricity are not included. Rent is paid monthly and there is a deposit that has to be paid at the beginning of the tenancy.

Maintenance and management:

The maintenance service is very good. It is fast, prompt and fully professional. The managers are also great people. They are always available (at sensible humane hours) and approachable but with a serious attitude.


The neighbourhood is patrolled by the metropolitan police and so it is a safe place. The neighbours are mainly professionals and older people; therefore they are quiet and respectful.