Wonderful Furnished Apartments

Moving to a new place can really be a hustle: searching and finding the right spot, moving all those belongings and having to meet all those new people. The boise apartments prove to facilitate all this process as something very easy to do. Living well cannot fail in this culturally rich city, academically fit, with great urban and suburban landscapes all around. Apartments in Boise are just welcoming new residents in their warm and cosy embrace.

A key apartment here that suits anyone person’s needs, whether a long-term resident or just visiting for short-term, is a double bed apartment located in the central area. The views are splendid for tenants that move into higher floors.

The apartments are fully furbished and clean for everyone to move in right away. The bedroom contains a glorious double bed with bedside tables on either side of the bed. There is a big wardrobe for a full range of shoes and clothing. The bathroom is very well equipped and fairly spacious for the intimate experience. There is a comfortable toilet seat, a big bath tub to spend hours in, a sink and a beautifully shaped mirror. The top floor apartments have both a window and a fan in the bathroom, whereas the lower floor apartments only have a fan. The kitchen is perfectly fitted for all cooking lovers. It contains an electrical cooker, a hob that also has lights for evening cooking sessions, a double sink, cupboards of different dimensions, a table for two with two chairs and full professional cutlery set and pots and pans, a fridge and a freezer and the last but not least a dishwasher to save time during those busy weeks at work.

The living room is equipped with all furniture and appliances for those weekend entertainment experiences. There is a huge sofa which you definitely fall in love with. There is a dining table for 6, a small glass table, a big screen TV and a DVD player. There are plenty of sockets available for any extra appliances you want to include. The apartment is very well light with ceiling lights, spotlights for a dimmer atmosphere, table lamps in the bedroom and wall lights in the bathroom.

There is absolutely no reason to worry about being cold in winters as there is top-notch insulation built in. Unfortunately, the only garden available is the public one downstairs in the back. On the bright side, all legal pets are allowed.

The prices are very convenient given all the amenities and benefits these apartments provide. Managers are very friendly and approachable. Therefore, all contract and security queries can easily be discussed with them. Rent is being paid upfront at the end of each month, non-negotiable.

You can make sure that you’ll have a quiet stay as it is a silent area all over with neighbours that enjoy living in peace.