If you are looking for the perfect choice in looking for a place to live, than Boise Apartments is your answer. Boise Apartments insures that your apartment hunting experience will be a walk in the park. Boise is a city of great cultural presence, an academic environment and amazing residential areas. The apartments are ideal for couples, yet, a single living here will not be far away from cloud nine either. It is fit for tourists that are looking for a seasonal stay.

The apartment includes everything one can ever ask for. It is fully furnished with many benefits included such as washing machine, sound alarm system and own parking lot. It is very spacious and located in a quiet area full of large trees and green wide spaces. It is buzzing with life during the summer as neighbouring apartments tend to fill up. There are local events and very much socializing going on. Winters are a bit more silent but not devoid of friendly neighbours to chat with or even have a nice little dinner with.

The rent is very good for what it has to offer. There is a deposit weighing rent for the first month that has to be paid on the spot when moving in. The rent has to be paid on the 1st of every month, no exceptions! Other contract terms are open for discussion though, as the manager is a very helpful type of a person that is available almost always and very willing to help.

The apartment is made up of a lobby with wall hangers and a shoe rack. Down the hallway there’s a majestic bedroom with a double bed and small bedside tables. It also contains a big closet for two people and a huge mirror inside the room. The living room is equally spacious with two big sofas, a nice little table, a small desk and a chair. There is space for a TV and electronics. From the hallway to the left on a slightly higher level is the kitchen and incorporated dining room. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything a good cook would ever need for his art. All appliances are in place as well as pots and pans and cutlery provided. The dining room has a large dining table fit for 8 people. There’s a big glass door that leads from the dining room to the back of the apartment where a small pretty garden lies. There is one small table and two chairs on the grass in the garden to make for some wonderful summer days.

The maintenance is very prompt and professional. Therefore, you will never have anything dirty or broken inside the house for more than a day. There are great exterior facilities such as a pool, a small playground for kids and a parking area with numbered parking spots. The apartment is surrounded by parks.