Good Apartments

You must know how difficult it can be when it comes to choosing a new place where to live, whether you are in for the long run or just for a short visit. The budget can often be quite troublesome, the information has to be 100% reliable, and the proper needs have to be met. That’s why you are invited to check out Boise apartments to make an informed and wise decision. These apartments guarantee you a one-two step selection and moving process.


These apartments located in Boise, Idaho, are part of a much larger apartment complex spread in different areas of the city for a greater variety of choice. Therefore, you will not only enjoy the benefits of living downtown or next to a park but will also be part of a larger community of residents. This means you will have access to social groups and events and be part of a safer than an ever environment.


Because of the size of our establishment we offer multiple options for your perfect apartment. Essentially, all types of apartments have some things in common, and these are as follows.

Safety: there is street lighting covering the whole area and connecting to neighbouring areas, there is enhanced security by the operation of CCTV cameras placed in several vantage points, 24hr community service and there is a more than willing management to make all necessary efforts for the protection of our residents.

Amenities: all apartments are equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, living room, a small utility room and a garden. Apart from these, all rooms are equipped with the main necessities such as chairs, dining tables, stoves, cutlery, sofas, beds, closets, sinks, fans, washing machines, lights and so on. There is perfect insulation for warm winters and cool summers.

Prices: Affordable non-negotiable prices for modern living that includes renting or buying.

Note: – Renting fee does not include bills. A deposit has to be made that equal the first month of rent. This deposit shall be returned upon conditions in a contract.

Variants: different sized apartments for singles, couples, families or tourists, smokers and non-smokers and pet owners. These include one or two bedrooms, single, twin, double and king size beds, one or two bathrooms and options for sharing an apartment.

Playgrounds: For Kids to Enjoy Their Youth.

Before you haste to making any decision, be sure to check out guide ratings and maps. The surrounding neighborhoods and landscapes can vary too according to the exact location. You can either be surrounded by large green areas with hills and parks, by old or new areas with residential houses or by purely urban landscapes. The Boise State University will ensure that you can provide the proper education to your children. And the cultural center downtown will make many of your evenings and nights a memorable experience.